COMMOC is an interior product brand created by designers sharing the same idea. In order to try to create global designs that go beyond the borders of nations and ethnicity,we are creating designs under the….. READ MORE


Conde House was founded in 1968 by Minoru Nagahara and is located in the traditional timber manufacturing region of Asahikawa, Hokkaido.  Now considered the design powerhouse of Japan….. READ MORE


Established in 1920, Hida Sangyo is one of Japan’s oldest furniture manufacturer. Based in Takayama, best known historically for its wood crafting skills dating back to 1000 years ago, Hida Sangyo has been….. READ MORE

Ieno Textiles, meaning home textiles in Japanese, is the enterprise born from the young designer Dan Namura’s genuine passion for fabrics. Descending from a linage of designers tracing back to Yuzenzome craft …..READ MORE

logo - Ishi

Ishinomaki Laboratory started as a community space and workshop in response to the devastating 2011 Japanese tsunami. With the help of global furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, a team of designers lead …..READ MORE

Kashiwa Mokko

Kashiwa Corporation offers “HIDA-TAKAYAMA Design” that creates a graceful space with designs crossing between Japanese and western designs. Since 1943, Kashiwa  strives to propose a rich …. READ MORE


METROCS is an interior design brand that introduces outstanding product designs. Our collection features authentic quality products that are timeless. These products are handed down from generation to generation and…. READ MORE

Miyazaki Chair Factory

Founded in 1969 in Tokushima prefecture, The Miyazaki Chair Factory is a group of craftsmen with a passion for timberwork. Mizayaki products are created drawing on a profound knowledge of the characterestics…..READ MORE

Nissin Furniture Crafters

Located in the traditional manufacturing region of Hida Takayama, Nissin craft contemporary Scandinavian influenced furniture using traditional Japanese techniques combined with cutting-edge technology ….READ MORE

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Takumi Kohgei is a prominent manufacturer of wooden furniture, based in Asahikawa, Hokkaido a region known for its woodworking tradition. Founded in 1979 with the concept of ‘natural and craftsmanship’, Takumi …..READ MORE