Contemporary Designer Furniture From Japan

Japanese Designer Furniture

Contemporary Designer Furniture From Japan


APATO brings to Australia the finest furniture brands by master craftsmen and designers in Japan.


Our exclusive collection features pieces that have been designed by an exciting mix of high profile designers and emerging young talents, carefully manufactured using age-old techniques and modern technology to attain exquisite quality and ergonomic comfort.


Each beautiful creation is a celebration of unparalleled master craftsmanship combined with innovative Japanese design.


Our products range from the prestigious to the inspiring and are suitable for residential and corporate spaces as well as educational and hospitality purposes.

Japanese Designer Furniture - Splinter by Nendo


We are excited to bring you some of the best furniture brands Japan has to offer.

Nissin Mokkou and Miyazaki Chair, well known in Japan for refined wood crafting, are but two of the exceptional brands supplied exclusively to apato.

We are especially thrilled to introduce CondeHouse, one of the most prestigious brands in Japan and abroad.

APATO selects brands and curates items on the basis of design and innovation as well as craftsmanship. Inspired names include Ishinomaki Laboratory, a brand created as a response to the 2011 Japanese tsunami and Ieno Textile founded by the passionate Dan Namura, a globally known young designer.


Japanese furniture of today reflects the ancient ideals that underpin Japanese traditions.  Design philosophy is heavily influenced by a culture that has the highest respect for nature and is a celebration of the landscape.

Designers also seek to cultivate a connection between the product and the user, resulting in products that are not only beautiful to behold but also tactile and pleasurable to engage.

Our collection features products by a range of designers, from the heavyweights of the Japanese design scene – Naoto Fukasawa, Motomi Kawakami, Kiyoshi Sadogawa, Riki Watanabe – to emerging and innovative young designers including nendo, Inoda+Sveje, Torafu Architects, Keiji Ashizawa, Mikiya Kobayashi, to name a few.