Ariake is a furniture brand started by Legnatec and Hirata Chair, two factories from the furniture town of Morodomi in Saga prefecture, Japan. Named after the Ariake Sea in Southern Japan, Ariake means daybreak…… READ MORE


CondeHouse was founded in 1968 by Minoru Nagahara and is located in the traditional timber manufacturing region of Asahikawa, Hokkaido.  Now considered the design powerhouse of Japan….. READ MORE

logo - Ishi

Ishinomaki Laboratory started as a community space and workshop in response to the devastating 2011 Japanese tsunami. With the help of global furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, a team of designers lead …..READ MORE


Karimoku Case Study is a contemporary lifestyle brand, based in Japan and born out of admiration and love for serene beauty, material richness and timeless appeal. The Case Study collections are brought to life …..READ MORE

Miyazaki Chair Factory

Founded in 1969 in Tokushima prefecture, The Miyazaki Chair Factory is a group of craftsmen with a passion for timberwork. Mizayaki products are created drawing on a profound knowledge of the characterestics…..READ MORE

Nissin Furniture Crafters

Located in the traditional manufacturing region of Hida Takayama, Nissin craft contemporary Scandinavian influenced furniture using traditional Japanese techniques combined with cutting-edge technology ….READ MORE