The origins of Karimoku date back to 1940, when Shohei Kato took over a longstanding timber company and established a small woodworking shop in the town of Kariya, Aichi. The company produced various wooden parts in the ensuing decades, developing a range of techniques before launching its own line of wooden furniture in the 1960s. Building on the concept of manufacturing high-tech and high-touch products, the company established bases in timber production areas and soon developed into one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of wooden furniture. Widely recognized for their stance on furniture making, Karimoku had, by 1972, grown into Japan’s no. 1 wooden furniture maker in terms of domestic sales.The Karimoku brand has been firmly established as a synonym of fine quality furniture and proof of reliable design solutions; a reputation they have maintained to this day. They aspire to creating furniture that will be loved as lifelong partners. Relying on their technology and creativity, Karimoku remain committed to their quest for quality as a comprehensive furniture maker with an integrated system — from manufacturing to marketing.



Emerged from shared design values, Karimoku Case Study is a contemporary lifestyle brand, based in Japan and born out of admiration and love for serene beauty, material richness and timeless appeal. The Case Study collections are brought to life by world-renowned architects through individual cases, and the story of each collection is told through its native setting.
With a holistic approach to architecture and design, the studio behind each collection creates a coherent style and setting, working their way from the architectural framework into the interiors and objects within the space, designing for specific needs and structures, rather than merely considering the aesthetic experience. With Karimoku Case Study we wish to introduce a thoughtful brand that serves as a guardian for the natural and timeless, using materials that possess an inherent richness and gain beauty with time and age.

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