About Nuno Grade

Nuno Grade was born in Lisbon, in 1972. He studied graphic design at the António Arroio Applied Arts school, from which he graduated, in two different moments, in communication design and then in product design, starting early his professional career amongst various design studios. His first major breakthrough was as a member of the editorial design team of O Independente, a groundbreaking and politically relevant weekly newspaper in Portugal. While working there for a few years, he was invited by Condé Nast to become the art director of the Portuguese version of GQ, then about to be launched. Despite his grounded career within graphic design, Nuno Grade never gave up his product design dreams so in 2002 he left GQ and opened a store in Lisbon, Nord, specialized in Scandinavian design. With his art direction experience, he has been continuously working as a product and interior designer, conveyed through his services at Nord.

Origin Made
About Origin Made

Origin Made, led by Gabriel Tan Studio, embraces collaboration and intimacy in its design journey, drawing inspiration from visits to makers' workshops and fostering positive relationships between designers and craftspeople.

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