Origin Made, led by Gabriel Tan Studio, embraces collaboration and intimacy in its design journey, drawing inspiration from visits to makers' workshops and fostering positive relationships between designers and craftspeople.

Their philosophy focuses on preserving vanishing craft cultures through design, blending contemporary design sensibilities with masterful craft techniques to create collectible objects, lighting, and furniture that celebrate human touch and cultural authenticity. Origin Made stands out for its direct collaboration with small family-run workshops and skilled craftspeople, unlocking local methods and transforming raw materials into unique expressions of art and design.

As a design brand and movement, Origin Made challenges perceptions, honors craftsmanship, and invites people to see the world differently. Each piece tells a story about the people behind it, forging human connections and leaving a lasting impact on the evolution of design.

Origin Made believes that design encompasses more than aesthetics; it reflects culture, identity, and expression. Their designs undergo a meticulous process, integrating traditional production methods with contemporary forms to imbue each piece with a timeless quality that transcends trends.