JINGU High Stool

JINGU High Stool JINGU High Stool JINGU High Stool JINGU High Stool JINGU High Stool
About Hiroshi Yoneya

Hiroshi Yoneya was born in 1968 and established his office together with other two designers in 2002. He has a wide range of interests to design architecture, interior, furniture, and other products, and his works have been awarded in many competitions. His designing CondeHouse chairs are selected for famous projects such as Artizon Museum, Tsutaya book store in Ginza, Loft shops, etc.

About CondeHouse

CondeHouse, established in 1968, is a Japan-based contemporary furniture manufacturer dedicated to creating spaces that foster comfort and relaxation in daily life. With a deep gratitude for nature, the company's core values prioritize reliability, durability, and sustainability. Using wood sourced from Hokkaido's lush forests, CondeHouse crafts furniture designed to endure for generations, employing traditional techniques alongside modern technology at their Asahikawa factory.

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