BCTD Barstool

BCTD Barstool BCTD Barstool BCTD Barstool BCTD Barstool BCTD Barstool
About Michael Poulsen

Michael C. Poulsen was born in Denmark, 1974. In his early childhood, he already showed his great interest and potentiality in the field of creativity as he participated in his first national design competition at the age of 11. He began his master’s degree in Architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1994 and completed the School of Architecture in 2000. Through the years, he was focusing on refining his “Clean - cut- design” to be more and more detailed. His idea of designs is based on offering solutions as striking perfect harmonies of beauties and functions. On this account, he has won a number of prizes and awards in a wide range of fields such as lighting, furniture, products, graphic and industrial design.

About CondeHouse

CondeHouse, established in 1968, is a Japan-based contemporary furniture manufacturer dedicated to creating spaces that foster comfort and relaxation in daily life. With a deep gratitude for nature, the company's core values prioritize reliability, durability, and sustainability. Using wood sourced from Hokkaido's lush forests, CondeHouse crafts furniture designed to endure for generations, employing traditional techniques alongside modern technology at their Asahikawa factory.

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