KAKI no ISU Chair

KAKI no ISU Chair KAKI no ISU Chair KAKI no ISU Chair KAKI no ISU Chair KAKI no ISU Chair

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About Furuta Keisuke

Born and raised on Awaji Island in 1975, Furuta Keisuke embarked on his journey into design after graduating from Kobe Design University in 1999. Specializing in interior and furniture design, he has become a notable figure in the industry. His work has garnered recognition, including winning the Gold Award in the 2006 Asahi Sofu Chair Design Competition and receiving the prestigious Good Design Award in 2011. These accolades underscore his commitment to innovation and excellence in design.

Miyazaki Chair Factory
About Miyazaki Chair Factory

Miyazaki Chair Factory is a furniture manufacturer established in 1969, dedicated to wooden chairs. They developed their technique in manufacturing chairs of Awa dressers, which are the local products, and began manufacturing chairs of their own brand in 2000.  In cooperation mainly with the furniture designers, Murasawa Kazuteru, Koizumi Makoto, Inoda+Sveje,  Kai Kristiansen and some other designers, they elaborate to develop our designs.

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