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About Jin Kuramoto

Jin Kuramoto, born in 1976, established "JINKURAMOTO STUDIO" in Tokyo in 2008 after working as a product designer for a major electronics manufacturer for about 10 years. He is good at expressig the concept or story of a product in its design clearly, working in the wide variety of projects such as electronics, eye wears, and cars both domestically and internationally. His design style is always experimental. Until ideas are shaped in his mind, he always keeps on touching material phisicaly and making a lot of trials and errors in his studio that is full of inspiration.

About Hoshina

HOSHINA is a furniture brand that the founder, who learned the idea of modern furniture and the way of comfortable living while in Italy, started developing in Japan in 1969. We continue to make original Japanese products while incorporating the sensibilities of each era into universal values. The basis of manufacturing is the idea that people play a leading role in life. Furniture is a supporting role to enhance the individuality of the resident, and is an indispensable "tool for living" to create a comfortable space. Hoshina, the founder, learned from his roots in Italy that cherishing furniture with attachment leads to cherishing his life. A simple design that lasts long. Designed with attention to detail in ease of use, safety and durability. It can be maintained and repaired decades after purchase and can be used for generations. We will deliver products of reliable quality that satisfy all of them, and propose a rich lifestyle for each customer. This is the philosophy of 〈HOSHINA〉 that has never changed since its founding.

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