KARI Dining Chair

KARI Dining Chair KARI Dining Chair KARI Dining Chair KARI Dining Chair KARI Dining Chair
About Hoffman Kayleyss Design

Birgit Hoffmann and Christoph Kahleyss founded their studio in Hamburg in 2012. They aspire to give their products a unique and subtle character without forcing them into the foreground. "Good design is consistent. It must be founded on a specific idea and should be thought through to the finest detail. “ The design serves the manufacturer and the consumer. The goal is to have a continuous collabo-ration with the manufacturer and that products should be used and appreciated by the consum-er in the long run.

About CondeHouse

CondeHouse, established in 1968, is a Japan-based contemporary furniture manufacturer dedicated to creating spaces that foster comfort and relaxation in daily life. With a deep gratitude for nature, the company's core values prioritize reliability, durability, and sustainability. Using wood sourced from Hokkaido's lush forests, CondeHouse crafts furniture designed to endure for generations, employing traditional techniques alongside modern technology at their Asahikawa factory.

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