PEPE Lounge Chair

PEPE Lounge Chair PEPE Lounge Chair PEPE Lounge Chair

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About Kazuteru Murasawa

Born in Tokyo in 1965. He graduated from ICS College of Arts. After working at Kenzo Tarumi Design Office, he studied abroad in Italy in 1989. Since 1990 he has been working at Sergio Calatroni Architectural Office (Milan). He is mainly in charge of furniture design, interior design, and exhibition hall design. In 1994, Murasawa Design opened. Based on the belief that "design is in everything we do and live", we practice that drawing diagrams at a desk is not design. So far, he has visited more than 200 factories in Japan and overseas. When I walk down the street, when I travel by plane, when I look at a factory in operation, when I talk to someone, I spin out designs from there.

Miyazaki Chair Factory
About Miyazaki Chair Factory

Miyazaki Chair Factory is a furniture manufacturer established in 1969, dedicated to wooden chairs. They developed their technique in manufacturing chairs of Awa dressers, which are the local products, and began manufacturing chairs of their own brand in 2000.  In cooperation mainly with the furniture designers, Murasawa Kazuteru, Koizumi Makoto, Inoda+Sveje,  Kai Kristiansen and some other designers, they elaborate to develop our designs.

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